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This is the ebook published by FindPenquines of our Iceland Adventure.  Download and Read.

Tahoe Art League Studio Tour 2018

July 27, 28 & 29 and August 3, 4 &5

  • Les represented Quail Run Art at Studio #3 at​ 2154 Washington Ave., South Lake Tahoe, presenting "tailings " and other new platinum prints.  The first weekend was a bust, but sold 3 pieces the second weekend.

Aurora with Jill's and Les' shadows  10/5/18

Iceland Tour 2018

Fall 2018

  • Les and Jill traveled this fall to Iceland.  Weather and solar winds gave us three good nights to see and photograph the northern lights.  We started a travel blog on FindPenquines for this trip, so family and friends could following our adventures in Iceland.  The trip is now unlocked and open for anyone to read.  In addition, we ordered a hard copy book of the trip and it included and ebook.

       Lake Tahoe Community College,

       Foyer Gallery

       January 13 - March 24, 2018

  •   Les had a solo exhibit during the winter quarter.  His platinum print portfolio "tailings" displayed 25 prints from old mining sites from Arizona to Alaska, featuring what has been left when the miner moved on to the next big strike.

Past Events


Current Events

Captured with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Time Lapse 160 frames

8000 ISO

14mm (14mm-42mm 4/3 Olympus Lens)

f 3.5, 2 second exposure, 1 second space


From balcony of the Hotel Djupavik in the Westfjords of Iceland.