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Follow our travel adventures. See where we are currently showing our art. This gallery links you to blogs and images of what up.

Les' Gallery

Events & Travel Blogs

Summer 2016, we spent 12 days in and around Denali National Park, Alaska.  This is a gallery of digital images taken by both of us.

Jill Miller-Allert

2D and Fiber Artist

  • Painting in Watercolor, Oil and Pastels
  • Drawing
  • Weaving

tailngs Gallery

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 Jill's watercolor, pastel, oils paintings and other drawings.

Jill's gallery

‚ÄčQuail Run Art is a collaboration of the husband and wife team of Les Allert and Jill Miller-Allert.  Married since 1980, they met while working as Park Rangers for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Their 30 year careers with the Federal government also included time working for the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management.  They now reside on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Carson City, NV.  They have turned their interest in travel, history and the natural world into creating art.

Les Allert

Fine Art Photographer

  • Digital and Large Format Film Photography
  • Digital, Silver and Platinum Printing

This work covers the last couple of years, much of which Les is creating fine platinum prints.

This portfolio is now hanging at Lake Tahoe Community College, Foyer Gallerty.  It features 11x14 and 16X20 platinum prints of ghost towns from Arizona to Alaska.

Updated: 01/21/2018


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